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Krista Barth gave us the direction we needed for our daughter’s IEP

Support Through IEP process

Not only did Krista take the time to evaluate our daughter, she also used creative and alternative methods to understand her better and gather more information. She talked about our choices, the continuum of services and all five domains of the IEP. I truly felt her support throughout the IEP process and my daughter’s transition to another public school. Because of Krista, we took our time to make decisions about placement and which school my daughter would attend kindergarten. Krista is a passionate, sincere, humble and educated woman…more than anything she is supportive. I know this is just the beginning. I will be thankful forever! 


Great service!

Great service! My Educational Solutions assisted us with both of our children, who are now doing well!

Stacey A Giulianti

Krista demystified the special education process

Krista Barth assisted me from the evaluation and eligibility process through the development of a meaningful IEP with my son’s school based team. Krista demystified the special education process and helped me consider factors that I was completely unaware of and never could have accomplished through a google search. Having an advocate by my side gave me the piece of mind that I had done everything possible to ensure my sons success. Thank you My Educational Solutions!

Kim Sundberg Amigo

Krista is amazing!

Krista Barth helped me when I was struggling with understanding the process of getting my daughter’s IEP finalized and understanding what her psychosocial evaluation was saying and how to use that information for educational planning. Krista  attended the initial IEP meeting with us and assisted me in making the right choices for my daughter. Krista allowed me to see all options that I had, not only what the school presented that they had/or were able to do. Now that my daughter has all the supports that she needs, she’s doing great. I appreciate all of Krista’s advocacy efforts and support.

Veronica Robledo

Krista’s bank of knowledge is endless

Help with the IEP Process

I hired Krista over a year ago to facilitate and educate me regarding my 10 year old daughter’s IEP process. I’m still working with Krista as she helps me navigate the extremely complex special education system in a public school setting.

She is the most thorough and well versed professional I have ever encountered on my daughter’s educational journey. Krista is the absolute best advocate for my daughter and any family going through the special education process.

Heathermarie Griffin

I am much indebted to Krista!

Create an IEP

Krista worked tirelessly on my daughter’s behalf to create an IEP that will give her a much better chance for academic success. I am much indebted to Krista!

Amy Kapernick Balmforth

A great service for children with special needs!

My Educational Solutions offers a great service to students, parents, educators, and communities throughout the state of Florida. Krista is extremely knowledgeable, professional and well versed in protecting OUR special needs children. My daughter has medical needs that must be met through a 504 Plan with the assistance of a nurse at her school and Krista made sure my daughter started kindergarten with everything in place! Your search should stop here!

Bija Johnson

Krista is an amazing professional to work with!

Navigating the school system for special needs children

She is very resourceful and knowledgeable about navigating the school system for special needs children. We have learned so much and have been able to formulate a strategy for giving our son the best chance in his education. She took her time to read reports, study data and provide resources and recommendations. She’s obviously passionate about what she does and very supportive through the process. I’m thankful I found her!

Sade Ayoade

Krista thinks 5 steps ahead for you

Special Needs Advocate

Krista was amazing every step of the way! She gathered all of the relevant information and told me the best options for our situation. She is very good at what she does, professional and thorough. Best of all, she is a mom who understands where you are at. Something I loved about Krista was that she was very honest when it came to her fees and even helped me find ways to make our money work more effectively for us. Many advocates charge blindly, but Krista thinks 5 steps ahead for you. Highly recommended! We used her for IEP meetings and to file a complaint against the district. Now we have a flawless IEP and my son has all the services he needs.

Florencia Quevedo

Armed with knowledge, professionalism, and a huge heart she has helped us get our son the IEP he needed

After fighting the system for years trying to get my son an IEP with services and supports to address the impacts of  his ADHD, I called Krista. I was desperate, I had been battling Miami Dade County Public Schools for years with nothing but frustration to show for it. When I called Krista and began working with her, everything changed. From the first meeting she attended with me, she started getting results. Today, I won’t go to any school meeting without her. She has single-handedly change the game for our family. We are no longer dismissed at meetings, she gets us listened to and she get results. Armed with knowledge, professionalism, and a huge heart she has helped us get our son the IEP he needed to be successful and helps us communicate effectively with school personnel and administrators. Because of her, my son is on the Principal’s Honor Roll and has a chance at success. Cannot recommend her enough. She was the answer to our prayers.


Thank you Mrs. Barth for being my families advocate!

Child living with ADHD

I am so grateful for the support Krista Barth has been able to provide both my son and I as we navigate dealing with the public school system. She has been instrumental in assuring my son receives the appropriate educational support for a child living with ADHD. Our journey has just begun but with Ms. Barth’s support, I have accomplished so much more for my son than I could have ever done alone.

Lakesha Drew

I now have renewed hope!

I’ve just met with Krista for the first time today. She spent two hours talking to me about my son, going over records and giving me lots of different options that could all help. I have renewed hope for my son’s educational future, rather than just pushing him through a school system that isn’t designed for a child like him, I now have several options to pursue, and a knowledgeable advocate by my side.


Tamara Repsold Schwartz

She goes above and beyond to meet varying needs of students and clients

My Educational Solutions is headed by an incredible advocate, former educator and exceptional person. Krista goes above and beyond to meet the varying needs of students and clients. As a teacher, I consult with Krista regularly to ensure that I’m following all processes and procedures with the struggling students in my classroom. She is my professional development when it comes to Exceptional Student Education, 504 Plans and IEP’s. Having worked with Krista and two different schools, I can tell you that I would use her for my own child if I ever needed to do so!

Johnika Jeanty

I recommend My Educational Solutions 100%

Krista Barth is an amazing professional! She helped me tremendously in preparing and throughout the process of my son’s IEP meeting and with conflict resolution with the school that followed. I can’t thank her enough. I lost many nights of sleep thinking and worrying about upcoming IEP Meetings and Behavior Intervention Plan meetings and the results of evaluations. Krista gave me confidence and supported my son and I the entire time. I’m so thankful I was able to find her at right moment.. You’re awesome Krista, keep up the good work!

Love, Kelly and Nathan

Kelly Castagna

Krista is an exceptional advocate and human being

Karen Special Needs Advocate

Krista Barth is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of special education and related services. I’ve known Krista  for over a decade and as a school psychologist, I have witnessed first-hand, Krista’s amazing abilities with children and parents and the outstanding results she has given them. Krista’s role as an advocate for parents and children with special needs is undoubtedly a major service to communities throughout the state of Florida. 


Karen Michelle