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Welcome to My Educational Solutions

With progressive yet experienced instructors and a psychologist on staff, we are able to assist parents and children in almost every area needed to reach individualized goals. From parent advising, to connecting parents to resources, to home behavior plans, and our intensive reading and mathematics interventions.. we are proud to be a part of positive transformation in children all over South Florida and beyond. We believe that all children are born capable of greatness.

We exist in order to answer all questions that pertain to academia, special education law, academic/behavioral interventions and special needs advocacy. We help parents choose the right setting for their child and hold no bias towards one setting over the other, but rather the best setting for the individual and unique children that we work for. [learn more]

Students that find themselves in academic difficulties need a multifaceted approach. By analyzing academic data, collecting information from parents/teachers, and in many cases administering and scoring academic based tests, we are able to assist parents in making meaningful decisions, that ultimately lead to real progress in core subject areas and beyond. [learn more]

We are an experienced team of teachers and a psychologist, who have all worked both privately and publicly with children who range from having mild behavioral challenges to cases of greater severity. We work alongside schools, parents, tutors and all other relevant service providers, to create positive behavioral plans at home, and in school. [learn more]

In Home Consultations Available

We offer in home consultations, for an additional fee. We are willing to travel anywhere in South Florida and beyond to help children in need of our services and their loving families.
  • Testimonial

    Krista tailors her approach and teaching tools for each child depending on their learning style.

    Jennifer Guisto, 2015

    This is a wonderful resource for any family. Krista tailors her approach and teaching tools for each child depending on their learning style. I have 2 children in the same class at school; however, their sessions with her are very different. With a heavy homework load, they are now keeping up with ease. Her open flow of communication with parents allows for easy adjustment to reinforce what is happening at school.

  • Testimonial

    She goes above and beyond to meet varying needs of students and clients

    Johnika Jeanty, 2015

    Educational Solutions and Advocacy is headed by an incredible educator and exceptional person. She goes above and beyond to meet varying needs of students and clients. Educational Solutions and Advocacy continues to target the needs of students.

  • I have witnessed first-hand, Krista’s amazing abilities with children and parents…

    Karen Michelle, 2015

    Krista is an exceptional teacher and human being. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of special education and related services. I've known her for 8 years and as a school psychologist, I have witnessed first-hand, Krista's amazing abilities with children and parents and the outstanding results she has given them. Krista's role as an advocate for parents and children with special needs is undoubtedly a major service to the community.

  • Testimonial

    Great service!

    Stacey A Giulianti, 2014

    Great service! They assisted us with both our children, who are now doing well!

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