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With an understanding of IDEA and Section 504 Issues and a background of effectively teaching special needs students before pursuing an advocacy career, Krista Barth is able to transform ineffective educational plans into meaningful documents and to help parents ensure plans (IEP/504 Plans) are being implemented with fidelity.


Krista is amazing

Krista is amazing. She helped me when I was struggling with understanding the process of getting my daughters IEP and understanding what her psychosocial evaluation was saying. She as well attending the IEP meeting with us and assisted me in making the right choice for my daughter. Krista allowed me to see all options that I had and that in the end with the supports that my daughter needed she would do great. I appreciate all her support and effort that she put into out family.

Veronica Robledo


June 23, 2017
Children With Behavioral Problems

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January 19, 2017

What Martin Luther King Junior’s Mission Meant for Students with Disabilities

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May 29, 2015
Least Restrictive Environment

It’s Your Child’s Right to Be Included

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