My name is Krista Barth and I am a special needs advocate and parent adviser. As a former special education teacher and Masters Graduate in Special Education, I have been navigating this arena for twelve years. I have learned how Florida public schools operate and understand the educational options available. I have created and assisted in the implementation of over two hundred Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s) and 504 Plans.

Wherever you are at in your special education journey, from Early Steps/FDLRS to transition from high school, I can offer you help.


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With an understanding of IDEA and Section 504 Issues and a background of effectively teaching special needs students before pursuing an advocacy career, Krista Barth is able to transform ineffective educational plans into meaningful documents and to help parents ensure plans (IEP/504 Plans) are being implemented with fidelity.



We exist in order to answer all questions that pertain to academia, special education law, academic/behavioral interventions and special needs advocacy. We help parents choose the right setting for their child and hold no bias towards one setting over the other, but rather the best setting for the individual and unique children that we work for. [learn more]



Students that find themselves in academic difficulties need a multifaceted approach. By analyzing academic data, collecting information from parents/teachers, and in many cases administering and scoring academic based tests, we are able to assist parents in making meaningful decisions, that ultimately lead to real progress in core subject areas and beyond. [learn more]



We are an experienced team of teachers and a psychologist, who have all worked both privately and publicly with children who range from having mild behavioral challenges to cases of greater severity. We work alongside schools, parents, tutors and all other relevant service providers, to create positive behavioral plans at home, and in school. [learn more]

In Home Consultations Available

We offer in home consultations, for an additional fee. We are willing to travel anywhere in South Florida and beyond to help children in need of our services and their loving families.
  • Testimonial

    Krista gave us the direction we needed for our daughter IEP

    Erica Lozano-Acevedo, 2017

    Krista gave us the direction we needed for our daughter IEP. Not only she took the time to evaluate our daughter, she did alternative methods to understand her better and get more information. She talked about our choices and I truly felt her support thru the IEP process. Because of her we took time to make our decision on our daughter next year school program. Krista is a passionate, sincere, humble and educated woman and more than anything supportive. I know this is just the beginning. I will be thankful forever! You are amazing!!

  • Testimonial

    Cannot recommend her enough

    Marlene Sugarbaker , 2017

    After fighting the system for years trying to get my son an IEP and accommodations for his ADD I called Krista. I was desperate, I had been battling MDCPS for years with nothing but frustration to show for it. When I called Krista and began working with her, everything changed . From the first meeting she attended with me, she started getting results. Today, I won't meet with any school official without her. She has single-handedly change the game for our family. We are no longer dismissed at meetings, she gets us listened to and she get results. Armed with knowledge, professionalism, and a huge heart she has helped us get our son the IEP he needed to be successful and helps us communicate effectively with school personnel and administrators. Because of her, my son is on the Principal's Honor Roll and has a chance at success. Cannot recommend her enough. She was answer to our prayers.

  • Testimonial

    A great service to students

    Bija Johnson, 2017

    A great service to students, parents, educators, and the South Florida community. Krista is extremely knowledgeable, professional and well versed in protecting OUR special needs children. Your search should stop here!

  • Testimonial

    Highly recommended.

    Jaymes Ollofson, 2017

    Fantastic program operated by fantastic people. Highly recommended.


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