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Ongoing Advocacy if…

Just you or you and your partner work full time and have trouble keeping up with the level of oversight that your child’s needs require. You don’t want your child to get left behind and you also don’t want to spend your limited time with family working to become an expert on curriculum and special education law, not to mention organizing their ongoing file. You are looking for a “case manager”.

You are looking for someone who is available to attend meetings with you, draft letters to the school/district, interpret educational/behavioral data and advise along the way. Each month has presented different challenges and you don’t want to navigate this arena alone. You also want someone who can determine when it is time to seek mediation or file a complaint and when it is more appropriate to continue resolution efforts at the ground level.

Your child’s behavior significantly impedes his or her academic performance, the need for revisions to the behavior plan are often and problem solving at the school level has proven ineffective

The school-parent relationship is deeply severed and you would like a third party to help get everyone on the team back to focusing on your child versus adult disagreements

You have regular disagreements and concerns with the schools efforts in implementing your child’s IEP/504 Plan