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Students aged three to twenty two are eligible for an Individual Educational Plan when they have a disability and demonstrate a need for special education services and related services. Think of an IEP plan as a blueprint for all school personnel from the teacher to special area teachers, and other school employees. The services and related services your child receives to address their “area(s)” of need will be clearly written out in the IEP, along with accommodations, modifications, assistive technology, your input, current levels of performance, annual measurable goals and a variety of other assurances.

A good IEP is written with special care, purpose and a thorough understanding of the unique needs of the student with which it was created for. Meaningful IEP’s are clear in what they will deliver, how the child will progress and how the progress will be measured.

A poor IEP is written in a cookie cutter format, the goals aren't measurable, the accommodations are generic and the language is unclear. Poor IEP’s might fulfill the obligation of developing an IEP, but fail to serve the child in any sort of a meaningful way. If parts of the IEP are open for interpretation, the IEP was poorly written.

Please remember that the long term goal of an IEP and education period is to prepare the child for life after school. What kind of life do we want to prepare children with disabilities to have?

One of Independence

One of Purpose

One of Inclusivity

One where they can utilize their strengths and manage their Weaknesses

Ask yourself,

is my child’s IEP supporting both short and long term goals?

At My Educational Solutions we review IEP’s daily. We know what to look for and what questions to ask along the way. We review the current IEP alongside the student’s most recent evaluations’ and ongoing progress monitoring data. In addition to looking at data, we listen to you, the parent, who knows your child best. If the information/feedback provided is conflicting, we address next steps. If there are ways that the IEP can better serve your child, we make appropriate suggestions, beginning oftentimes with requesting an IEP revision meeting.