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Functional Assessment of Behavior (FAB/FBA)

The purpose of a Functional Assessment of Behavior is to provide teachers and other school based professionals with a better understanding of how the student’s behavior relates to and affects their academics and overall school experience. As part of a comprehensive assessment, the FBA collects data through observations of behavior, interviews, and a review of records, in order to understand the function or reason behind these exhibited behaviors.

The Four Main

functions of behavior are as follows


To avoid a task or experience


Provides access to people or interactions


Behavior feels good to do


Provides preferred items or activities

Understanding the function of a student’s behavior by analyzing an FBA takes the “opinion” out of why a student is behaving the way that they are and allows for modifications of challenging behaviors. We cannot change a behavior without accurately understanding it’s source. The evaluation results are used to develop the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) in order to remediate , alter, prevent , or replace target behaviors.