Consultation Description

Booking an Initial Consultation is the first step of our ongoing advocacy relationship. It is important that I gather as much information and insight into your child as possible before making recommendations. I need to first become an expert on your child in order to truly be in a position to advocate for them.

Included in the Initial Consultation Package is the following

The Intake Process

This is where my team and I review and organize all educational data, behavioral data, evaluations, etc. We make notes and look for inconsistencies. The overall thought process during our review is : “What changes, additions or deletions would add more benefit to this student’s current plan?”

Phone or In Person Consultation

Once we receive all of the intake documents requested and allow for 3-5 business days of review, we will schedule our initial consultation. We can speak in person at my Miami office, but if it’s more convenient for you, we will have our consultation over the phone. The quality of the service is the same. Since we serve families all over the state of Florida, we are equally comfortable with the phone consultation model. The consultation, whether in person or over the phone, is up to 1.5 hours of discussion and advisement.

Post Consultation Written Advisement

Within 3-5 business days after having our consultation, I follow with an email that outlines what we spoke about, including all of the options and possible solutions that apply. I will offer specific “next steps forward”.

The Initial Consultation Package is priced at a flat fee of $350.00 inclusive of the three stages of service described above.
For parents that meet criteria the flat fee is reduced to $200.00 dollars and identical service is rendered.

The criteria is the following…

single family home with proof of income of 40,000 or less

dual parent household with proof of combined income of 60,000 or less

and/or your child qualifies for the public school free/reduced lunch program

If you would like to speak to someone concerning any stage of this process, please do not hesitate to make contact.




I now have renewed hope!

I’ve just met with Krista for the first time today. She spent two hours talking to me about my son, going over records and giving me lots of different options that could all help. I have renewed hope for my son’s educational future, rather than just pushing him through a school system that isn’t designed for a child like him, I now have several options to pursue, and a knowledgeable advocate by my side.


Tamara Repsold Schwartz