My Educational Solutions exists to guide children with learning disabilities with individualized education plans from preK-12th grade. We excel in helping children with special needs achieve their full potential, both academically and behaviorally. By empowering parents with information through our educational consultation and advocacy services, along with the different types of testing that we do and the results they yield, parents are better able to come to well thought out and effective solutions. With progressive yet experienced instructors and a psychologist on staff, we are able to assist parents and children in almost every area needed to reach individualized goals. We are proud to be a part of positive transformation in children all over South Florida and beyond. We believe that all children are born capable of greatness.

“truth and knowledge… arise out of observation and experience rather than manipulation of accepted or given ideas” -John Locke

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Armed with knowledge, professionalism, and a huge heart she has helped us get our son the IEP he needed

After fighting the system for years trying to get my son an IEP with services and supports to address the impacts of  his ADHD, I called Krista. I was desperate, I had been battling Miami Dade County Public Schools for years with nothing but frustration to show for it. When I called Krista and began working with her, everything changed. From the first meeting she attended with me, she started getting results. Today, I won’t go to any school meeting without her. She has single-handedly change the game for our family. We are no longer dismissed at meetings, she gets us listened to and she get results. Armed with knowledge, professionalism, and a huge heart she has helped us get our son the IEP he needed to be successful and helps us communicate effectively with school personnel and administrators. Because of her, my son is on the Principal’s Honor Roll and has a chance at success. Cannot recommend her enough. She was the answer to our prayers.